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How can Landed Price help you get orders from Australia?

Today your salesmen receive new enquiries on the internet from Australia. Your salesmen spend a lot of time discussing the product and pricing details with the buyers.

You confirm all product details then you usually give EXW, FOB, CFR or CIF price. Sometimes this price is not the real useful price for the Australian buyers. The buyer still do not know the real cost that he wants. The buyer wants to know the final cost of the products when they are imported into Australia and delivered to their business. Landed Price will help you work out the final AUD price for your products delivered to their door. It will include the FOB cost, shipping, currency exchange, destination port charges, Australian import duty & tax, Australian local landfreight to deliver the goods to the buyer’s door etc.. When the buyer know this final “Landed Price”, they will immediately know if the price is workable and make decision to place the order.

We are an Australian company that understands what Australian businessman must know about importing. We will answer all of the questions the buyer have about importing the goods into Australia. The buyer will know the real final cost of products, they will have all information and confidence. When the buyer confirms the new order, your factory will deal with our experienced importers in China office and Australian office to arrange every step of the orders, payments and shipping to Australia!

Do not lose the order!

Send your FOB quote to www.landedprice.com.cn

The buyer will understand all of the costs to get the products ordered from your factory, shipped, imported and customs cleared into Australia.  They will understand the currency exchange costs, shipping, local Australian import duty and local taxes.  When the buyer is happy to proceed with the import, they will place the order through Landed Price.  Your factory will deal with our experienced importers in China office and Australian office to arrange all of the orders, payments and shipping to Australia.

Remember, next time your salesman has confusion with a new enquiry, you can send the FOB quote to www.landedprice.com.cn

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