Is My Supplier Pricing Actually Delivered to Australia? The Smoke & Mirrors Supplier Tactics

Is My Supplier Pricing Actually Delivered to Australia? The Smoke & Mirrors Supplier Tactics


Once you have confirmed all of the product and pricing details with your supplier, you will then turn your attention to finding how much it will actually cost you to get these goods through to your door in Australia.  An overseas factory may give you a quote or a proforma invoice for goods on EXW, FCA, FOB, CFR or CIF terms.  But how do you calculate the actual landed price for imported goods?  How do you know the true landed cost of these goods you are wanting to import?  You must accurately know and understand your landed price per piece so you can plan how you will resell or consume these products in your industry.  You may ask the supplier how much to be delivered to my door in Australia but you must understand that these suppliers can not give you true delivered pricing.
But what they will do is give you a deceiving price ‘delivered to Brisbane / Sydney / Melbourne / Perth’ which they say ‘includes delivery costs to Australia’.  It is very common that they will add a small charge of say $350USD for a 20’ container ‘delivered to Brisbane’.  They will make this seem that the $350USD includes all costs to get the goods delivered to your door in Brisbane.  Seem too good to be true?  You bet, it is far from a delivered price!  They use these smoke and mirrors tactics to make shipping costs look extremely cheap and to secure the deal.  Then once the goods are shipped and arrive into the Australian port you are faced with a whole heap of expensive additional charges that you were not aware of.  And to make it worse, these charges are immediately payable or your goods will not be cleared from the port and will sit in storage and quickly incur expensive demurrage charges getting bigger by the day.  Don’t get caught out, overseas suppliers can not give you a true landed price delivered to your door.

Get the facts before your shipment

Every import is different and every shipment incurs different seafreight costs, currency exchange rates, fuel surcharges, local port handling charges, hidden fees, import tariffs, duties, taxes, marine insurance and local container trucking to name a few.  Our experienced team specialise in giving you a true landed price, which includes absolutely all costs to get the products ordered and actually delivered through to your door without the confusion, headaches and messy paperwork.

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…give a guaranteed true landed price for imported goods delivered through to your door, in Australian dollars
…avoid you getting caught out with extra import charges
…overcome accounting/GST problems
…overcome language/cultural barriers
…efficiently arrange the importation of the factory’s goods through to your door anywhere in Australia
…import with confidence, so that you can focus on managing your business while your import arrives