Looking to Export? This is what you will need to know..

Exporting gives Aussie businesses endless opportunities to sell their products with anyone around the globe.  Smart Australian business owners have realised the potential of International markets and are expanding their business and sales into markets around the world.  Australia has …

02 Nov 16

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Importingshouldnot berocketscience (1)

Why is importing from Asia such a fragmented process? Importing Should not be Rocket Science..

Importing goods directly from factories in Asia provides your business with so much opportunity.  It can allow you to start a new business, expand your existing range of products, or even create something that hasn’t been made before.  But why …

06 Jul 16

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Shipping Vessel

Be Aware of these Potential Delays When Importing Goods from China to Australia..

When importing goods from China to Australia there are some key parts to the process which must run smoothly to avoid potential delays.  Below we will note some key issues that are faced which must be managed correctly to avoid …

16 Jun 16

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What products you should Import from China..

A popular question we get asked is what products should I import from China to Australia?  And it really depends on a few important factors.  There are so many products that you can import from factories in China and develop …

10 Jun 16

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China Factory worker on production line

Will a Factory Accept My Order Quantity?

Buying directly from factories in China usually warrants a certain amount of quantity to make it viable for the factories to manufacture these goods, and make it viable to import goods from China to Australia.  Factories in China have set …

07 Apr 16

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales of Imported Products

If you are importing a new product for the first time, you must make sure that you have already done all of the market research and have your pre-planned sales channels in place ready to go the moment your product …

24 Mar 16

IMPORTING - Why People Are Scared

Why Some People are Scared of Importing..

A lot of business owners and Managers have always had the idea in the back of their head that one day they will import their products directly from factories in Asia.  They know that if they can properly source and …

10 Mar 16

Landed Price Delivered Australia Wide

The Importance of Knowing Your True Landed Price when Importing

WHAT DO YOU WANT?  A LANDED PRICE! WHEN DO YOU WANT IT?  NOW!   When you set out to source your products directly from factories in Asia, it can be a pretty confusing process.  When factories from Asia and from …

19 Feb 16

Container Ship

Popular Shipping Methods when Importing Goods to Australia

When importing goods from manufacturers in China, there are different shipping methods to consider.  It mainly depends on your order quantity and the overall product packing sizes, cubic measurement, or total weight.  The most popular shipping method all over the …

18 Feb 16


Our Testimonials – Happy Landed Price clients

  Don’t just take our word for it.  Below are testimonials from some of our happy clients.  We have helped them expand their business by importing goods directly from factories throughout Asia.     Benchmark Scaffolding Simon owns a successfull …

29 Dec 15