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The Importance of Knowing Your True Landed Price when Importing




When you set out to source your products directly from factories in Asia, it can be a pretty confusing process.  When factories from Asia and from online trade databases such as Alibaba, Made-in-China or Global Sources send you a product quote, it will most likely be a quote for their goods in United States Dollars (USD) based on a set of Incoterms (International Commercial Terms).  Usually they will give you a quote on FOB, EXW, FAS, FCA, CIF, or CFR terms to the nearest port of export.  But we know this doesn’t mean much.  At the end of the day what actually matters is 2 key components:


How much these goods will actually cost you by the time they are ordered, shipped, customs cleared and delivered through to your door.


How to import these goods from China to Australia, delivered through to your door with absolute confidence and reliability.


If you can solve these 2 issues, you can accurately plan your business then start importing these goods to your door in Australia.  You will need to confidently understand the final Landed Price for this supplier’s goods (in Australian Dollars) by the time they are delivered through to your door.  There are so many additional costs involved when importing goods from China that you must be aware of your final Landed Cost or your final Landed Price before you go ahead with your import into Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth ports.

This landed price will include all associated costs from the supplier, plus all packing/export costs, currency exchange costs, International payment fees, export costs, fumigation fees, International Logistics costs from China to Australia, marine transit insurance, local Australian wharfage/stevedore costs, AQIS charges, customs clearance costs, import duties/GST and local trucking to deliver the goods to your door.  Once you know your true Landed Price for each product you want import into Australia, you can then accurately plan your business strategy.  This will allow you to setup your profit margins for each product and plan your accurate business strategy.  If you are consuming these products in your business then you will know exactly how much money you will save by importing directly from factories in China.

At Landed Price we make importing easy.  We will look at all details of your proposed import, and then calculate a guaranteed Landed Price in Australian Dollars (AUD) for all goods delivered through to your door.  We then arrange every part of the importing process so that you can manage your business while having confidence that your import will arrive exactly as planned.  Get the import advantage in your industry.


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