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Why is importing from Asia such a fragmented process? Importing Should not be Rocket Science..

Importing goods directly from factories in Asia provides your business with so much opportunity.  It can allow you to start a new business, expand your existing range of products, or even create something that hasn’t been made before.  But why is the whole process of importing goods from factories in Asia so fragmented?  Why is it made up of so many complicated processes, confusing charges and taxes?

Why can’t it just be a simple and straightforward process, like buying products from a warehouse down the road?

We are aware of all of the problems that businesses face when importing goods from factories in Asia, so we have created the most straightforward and seamless process to import goods through to your door.  How good would it be if you could make 1 payment then wait for the goods to arrive at your door!?  What if we told you it can be that easy..

Our experienced Asian and Australian team have the knowledge and experience to make importing easy and give your business the advantage in your industry.  You will know your final Landed Price of the imported goods in Australian Dollars delivered through to your door.  We then handle the whole process from start to finish to deliver the goods through to your door.


Have you already found a factory overseas and looking at how to import goods from China to Australia?

Factories is Asia usually quote their products EXW (Ex-Works) or FOB (Free-On-Board) in USD.  But what you really need to know is:

1 – Your final Landed Price in advance (in Australian Dollars) by the time they are delivered through to your door

2 – How to get these goods ordered and shipped through to your door (the most cost effective, easiest and quickest way)

At Landed Price we solve both of these complex issues and do all of the work for you.  This allows you to focus on running your business while your goods arrive at your door – on time, on cost and exactly as planned.  Got questions or want to know where to start?  We will be happy to clear up any questions you have and explain exactly how your business can benefit from buying your products directly from factories in Asia.


Landed Price Importing goods through to your door