Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year Holidays – How does it affect production?

  Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) is a very important part of the Chinese culture.  It is the time where all factories close down for the New Year festival celebrations.  The holiday is based on the Chinese Traditional Calendar instead …

29 Dec 15


Is My Supplier Pricing Actually Delivered to Australia? The Smoke & Mirrors Supplier Tactics

Once you have confirmed all of the product and pricing details with your supplier, you will then turn your attention to finding how much it will actually cost you to get these goods through to your door in Australia.  An …

02 Nov 15


The Falling Australian Dollar – How does it affect your import?

Back in 2011 the Australian dollar soared above parity with the US dollar for the first time since 1982.  The Australian dollar sat at record high levels up until May 2013, with so many businesses all around Australia benefitting from …

24 Sep 15


Understanding Samples

Quality control is one of the most important factors involved when buying product from overseas manufacturers.  There are several key processes involved that must be taken into account to limit product quality issues, none of which is more important than …

01 Jul 15


Warranty – Does it Exist?

When importing your goods from overseas factories you must discuss and negotiate your exact terms of warranty with your supplier.  Because importers are at the top of the supply chain, any future product problems or warranty issues will filter back …

01 Jun 15


Negotiation – Don’t dig your own hole

Negotiating with Asian suppliers is a very important and delicate process.  You must understand that there is a very fine line between negotiating a good deal and receiving products of inferior quality.  You must not negotiate too far, or you …

01 May 15